Book Dawn For Your Event!

Book Dawn to Speak at your next event!

The Perfect Audience:

  • Interior Design/Architecture Industry Organizations
  • Sustainability/Green Organizations
  • Sustainable Living / Healthy Eating Organization
  • Church Groups
  • Women’s Groups
  • Civic Organizations
  • Survivors of Sexual, Verbal, Physical Abuse
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Most Other Women’s Groups

Want Dawn to Teach One Of Her Specialty Courses?

I get so excited about helping people learn how Living A Powerful Life is possible for them!

  • Living A Powerful Life (6 Class Intensive)
    • Life Mapping – Connecting To God To Understand Your Purpose (2-day)
    • Goal Setting & To Do’s – Laying Out Your Next 1-5 years (1-Day)
    • Visioning (1-Day)
    • Confessions & Meditations (1-Day)
  • Life In 4G (2-day Intensive)
  • Heart, Head and Mouth Agreement – Connecting and Aligning (1-Day Intensive)
  • Mindset Shift- (1- Day) Learn the power of shaping your own thought pathways

If you’re interested in having me speak at your next event, please reach out to us  on the Contact Form!

Type of speaking engagements:  paid keynote, multi speaker, breakout session, panel workshop, other Information I need when contacted:

  • Theme & Title of Event
  • Date & Location of Event
  • Audience demographics and Size
  • List of other Speakers
  • Your Purpose & Audience Take Away Goal

The more information you can share about your event the better!

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